about 4 years agoJune 22, 2015
Managing Human Error is presented by Professor Jim Reason, expert in human performance.  Reason found that most accidents can be traced to one or more of 4 levels of human failure.  Organisation influences, unsafe supervision, preconditions for unsafe acts, and the unsafe acts themselves. Thus, the challenge is to develop error tolerant systems and to prevent errors from initiating; to manage human error proactively it should be addressed as part of the risk assessment process. Everyone can make errors no matter how well trained and motivated they are. However in the workplace, the consequences of such human error can be severe.  It is important to be aware that human failure is not random; understanding why errors occur and the different factors which make them worse will help you develop more effective controls.  The DVD training program Managing Human Error aims to provide a comprehensive error management resource at a small fraction of the cost of achieving these ends by any other means. The package is designed for ready implementation by the non-specialist facilitator.
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